Body Positive in 2017



Hey Queens Heyyy! As you all know, I spend a lot of time talking about the importance of being body positive. I promote the movement on social media, in my every day life, and in my new book ( Beauty Isn’t Measured in Pounds… coming soon). What I didn’t know was that there are so many people who were unclear about what the movement was meant to accomplish. So let me attempt to clarify for those who are missing the point.

Contrary to popular belief, being body positive is not about glorifying being over/under weight.It is exactly what the name implies, being positive about your own body. As a movement it is granting people permission to release that sense of shame they have when their appearance doesn’t match what they have been taught was acceptable. It’s more about reprogramming our thoughts, beliefs, and ideals surrounding what is beautiful, acceptable, and “right” than anything else.

For as long as the media has existed, it has brainwashed people to believe that the images that they choose to show us are what is normal, what is beautiful, and what is worthy of our attention. This is not the WHOLE truth. While the models they use may be beautiful, they are not the standard of beauty. There is NO real standard of beauty as it is subjective. It is only in recent years that I have come to accept this as my own personal truth.

For a number of years I didn’t like anything about my body. I saw only imperfections and flaws. Not only is that an unhealthy way for anyone to feel about themselves, it causes you to live a limited life. Believe it or not, there is a direct correlation to self-esteem and success. You will only allow yourself to acquire what you feel you deserve, and I believe that this movement has really empowered people to step out of their comfort zones, change limiting beliefs, and become happier and healthier overall.

On my journey to being a happier, healthier , more body positive, and self- aware woman I have spent a lot of time outside of my comfort zone and I am a better person for it! I am doing things that I never thought possible, and succeeding. Most recently, I decided to take professional boudoir photos… yep that’s me up there!

About two weeks ago I had the pleasure of doing a body positive photo shoot with the lovely ladies of Three Boudoir. It was probably one of the scariest, most fun, most empowering things that I have experienced on my personal “loving me journey.” If you are struggling with building body confidence I highly recommend treating yourself to a photo shoot. In my own life I have found that I sometimes need to create a reference point in order to establish and reinforce a new belief. This is definitely a great place to start at an affordable price. I did it, I loved it, and I feel really great about myself and the experience. The makeup artist was phenomenal, the photographer was a GAWD, and the woman who pretty much posed me for every shot was a genius. I now have beautiful photos of myself that reinforce the belief that I too am BEAUTIFUL. If you are ever in the DC, Chicago, or New York area please look them up, you will be so happy you did. (Oh and us my code when you book  your shoot. Right now they are running a promotion!!)


I love, love, love every inch of my imperfect body. Every stretch mark, every dimple, every curve and you should too!!!! Stay Royal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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